FPSB WT Line-up ~ 50% of SA in the WT

16 12 2010

1st. s777
The most reliable spinner in FPSB. A very developped style in each criteria.

2nd. gollumsk8
FPSB tournament rusher. Very good results in tournament (winner of the FPSB tournament, he did very well in WT09) he has a very effective spin.

3rd. Smile
3rd spinner, a very subtle spin of quality.

4th. Anikis
As Smile said, he is Smile v2. Subtle spin with a high potential of difficulty and originality.

5th. A13X
Considered as one of the best he should that he masters different parts of ps. Lately he did not do “tournament combos” focusing on parts of ps he enjoyed, that is why he is after other spinners who showed what they could do in tournaments.

6th. dOmToM
FPSB “Rising star” he showed during FPSB tournament that he can do nice things during competitions. Moreover he has a nice style which can seduce the jury.

7th. Fratleym
Fratleym has been for years THE reliable spinner in FPSB, the one representing FPSB abroad, even in Korea or Japan. Even if he told us that he didn’t stop to train there is no video showing this so he will be the 7th spinner, it’s a kind of bet. Let’s hope he will be as efficient as he was in the lasts WTs.

8th: Raeik
The spinner representing the newgen; being the less experienced spinner he will take the last spot, the other being more at ease during tournaments. Nevertheless he showed he could do nice things.
Il est le représentant de la new gen parmi les participants; étant le moins confirmé des spinneurs choisis, il se


· Raeik




5 responses

16 12 2010


16 12 2010

This WT it’s gonna be crazy, i can’t wait! asfjasdaskdkjghaskjf

17 12 2010

Raeik will win the WT i believe ^^

19 12 2010

Smile ❤ Raeik ❤

22 12 2010

Re Gollumsk8 le Bien Nomm ……………Raeik a crit As tu pr vu de r pondre aux questions?Es tu vivant? 1btw tu pensais gagner le tournoi FPSB?tas pas honte davoir pass cinq ans faire tourner un stylo?quest-ce que tu pr f res au sein du PS ambiance tricks le c t communaut nimporte quoi en gros ?as-tu eu limpression davoir un challenger valable durant ltournoi?tas des lunettes? quand jai vu mon combo finis je croyait pas avoir t capable davoir fait un combo aussi difficile.Nix a crit En plus de la question de Radek qui est int ressante je voulais savoir ce que a tas fait de gagner le tournoi FPSB ?


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